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"BCU Students Demand Action from Administration"

"BCU Students Demand Action from Administration"

Recently, a group of students at Bethune-Cookman University (BCU) have come forward with a list of non-negotiable demands for the university administration. These demands, which have been met with support from many students and alumni, aim to address a variety of issues on campus and ensure transparency, representation, and safety for all students.

BCU Students protesting on campus

One of the main demands is for an investigation of the university's leadership, specifically the Board of Trustees, led by Judge Belvin Perry Jr. The students feel that they are not included or heard in the direction of the university and are requesting more transparency and representation from students and alumni on the board.

Another important demand is for a better method of requesting maintenance and for staff to be appointed to address these requests in a timely manner. The students are also calling for better safety regulations on campus, including measures to protect the safety of students who may be experiencing physical injury, emotional distress, or sickness.

The students are also requesting improved screening measures for employees of the university, with a set criteria for employment that aligns with the legacy and values of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, the founder of BCU.

The students are also calling for detailed financial statements for each student account, with a better format for the balancing of accounts and an explanation and supporting documentation for scholarship funding. They are also requesting revisions to the student handbook and code of conduct, as well as renewed vendor contracts, especially for the food and beverage contract with Sodexo.

Additionally, the students are requesting direct and frequent communication with the university administration, as well as a plan to restore the tradition of the university and protect the interests of students. They are also advocating for a family-like atmosphere on campus where all members, including students, administration, professors, and community members treat each other with respect.

1.25.23 -List of Demands by BCU Students

In conclusion, the students of BCU have presented a list of non-negotiable demands that address various issues on campus and aim to ensure transparency, representation, and safety for all students. We hope that the university administration will take these demands seriously and work towards creating a positive and inclusive environment for all members of the BCU community.