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HBCU Celebration Swim Weekend Makes a Splash in Atlanta

HBCU Celebration Swim Weekend Makes a Splash in Atlanta
HBCU Celebration Swim Weekend

The HBCU Celebration Swim Weekend is making waves as it returns to Atlanta this December 14-16, bringing together Historically Black Colleges and Universities for an exciting showcase of swimming talent.

Hosted by Diversity in Aquatics and held in partnership with the Celebration Bowl, this unique event aims to promote and celebrate HBCU student involvement in competitive swimming. Taking place at Morehouse College after a successful inaugural meet last year, the weekend will feature the HBCU Celebration Swim Meet on December 16th as the main attraction.

Both experienced HBCU swimmers and newcomers to the sport are invited to participate in this meet and surround programming focused on building a healthy lifelong relationship with the water. From basics of water safety to technique clinics to fun relay events, participants will not only compete athletically but also make connections, gain mentorship, and feel part of an empowering community.

Beyond the pool, the swim weekend advances Diversity in Aquatics' broader mission to raise funds for HBCU swim programs and reestablish varsity swim teams at HBCU schools. As founder E. Newton Jackson explains, "We believe in the transformative power of water, and together we aim to reignite the flame for swimming and water safety within HBCUs."

With the swim meet conducted in alignment with all public health protocols, Jackson and organizers promise an unforgettable celebration of culture, passion, and commitment to expanding access to aquatics. HBCU students, alumni, and advocates alike are encouraged to register for this uplifting event strengthening belonging, health, and leadership through the power of water.